The Truck Farm looked so lonely when I parked it at the PNE before it opened. I have stopped in to check on it a few times over the last week. Sadly, I missed the chance to see Great Big Sea live. Planning to see Corb Lund on Sunday. We did get to the Super Dogs. The Truck Farm was a dog transport truck for years while I competed in and judged dog agility events, so I like to see what the Super Dogs are up to. Highly recommend the pig races too, but get there early if you want a seat. I also love all the 4H excitement. The kids are so excited and passionate about their animals. Ethan and I spent a lot of time talking with a girl about her bunny and a boy about his sheep that he was getting ready to take into the ring.

It is like a small taste of a simpler time and place. I hope the PNE never loses touch with its agricultural roots. In fact I think that in the next few years they will have an even greater opportunity to teach people more about growing, preparing and preserving food. It is already a resource for everything from growing mushrooms and keeping chickens to raising bees and growing food (like in a truck).

Tomorrow I think I will take the kids there for a bit of dinner and check out the beach boys. Yet another example of a simpler time.