Wow! What an event. We we’re kept on our toes for the whole time we were there.

Getting there was a bit of a hurdle in itself with all the streets closed we had to navigate back alleys and move a couple road barriers to get to our spot in front of Nineteen Ten. We were a little behind and people started coming to talk with us before we even got our tables set up!

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We did a couple demonstrations of our Quick & Dirty self watering containers but eventually had to stick with talking with people about the Truck Farm, seeds and the few plants we brought to sell. Because we have some containers left over there is talk of doing a Quick & Dirty workshop at Nineteen Ten. We will be posting more info on our Facebook page.

We met so many incredible people that day. Including this very pregnant woman who is about as foodie as they come.


In case you are wondering, our next scheduled event is the Epic Sustainability Fair. We will be parked by Whole Foods.

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