We are still in the early days of our Indiegogo campaign. There are lots of people sharing our campaign but there still seems to be a fear of germination factor. This is exactly why we have the Truck Farm and Truck Farm growing opportunities – to demonstrate just how easy it is to grow food in small urban spaces. Right now we have three new rows of seeds that have germinated and are growing in the back of the truck which is on exhibit at Science World. Hopefully more people will see it and give growing from seeds a shot.

Here is our supporter list to date:

Oliver Evans: $100 – Truck Farm Tour!
Brenda Kenzie: $100 – Truck Farm Tour!
Chris Meyer: $70 – two Limited Edition Truck Farm Collections
Peter Ladner: $50 – Limited Edition Truck Farm (with bonus!)
Kym Spencer: $50 – Limited Edition Truck Farm (with bonus!)
Elizabeth Stecher: $50 – Limited Edition Truck Farm (with bonus!)
Zarifa Andani: $35 – Limited Edition Truck Farm
Lauren Kelly: $15 – Mini Truck Farm
Tasha Sargent: $15 – Mini Truck Farm
Deborah Littman: $15 – Mini Truck Farm
Andrew Gobbo: $15 – Mini Truck Farm
Cheryl Kinkaid

Light Family

We also just received a Greenest City Grant for $500 from the City of Vancouver & Vancouver Foundation!