Judy Kenzie, Truckfarm.ca founder

If you are on this website there is a pretty good chance you came across the Strathcona 1890 Truck Farm in the press.

Over the last year we have been fortunate to receive some great press and opportunities to talk about the need for us all to stop taking our food resources for granted and try to buy more local and in season foods and grow a little of our own food. Even if it is just a window box of herbs or edible flowers it will re-engage you with your food. There is nothing like picking fresh herbs to add to a dish (nothing like the nasty ones that have been in your fridge for a couple weeks. And I really like adding edible flowers because if food looks good, it tastes better. Don’t even start me on the scent of a fresh tomato (heaven) or sweetness of home grown carrots.

If you want a little more inspiration here are a few of my favourite links:




I have also been lucky enough to share a few coffees with Madelaine Hatch at Granville communications who I worked with on the vertical food wall project for RayCam Community Centre.  She is a great source of information and inspiration who has helped me keep my head on a few occasions. She has also advised me to put together a press kit, which I fully intend to do (when I have a spare moment or ten).  Madaleine is also behind the food wall at RayCam which was the brainchild of Warren Te Brugg, founder of the charity My Arms Wide Open.

Below is some of the press received to date. If you are interested in learning more about the Truck Farm and my mission give me a shout.