The Strathcona 1890 Truck Farm was inspired by the original Truck Farm in Brooklyn, New York. It is supported in part by the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants Program. Our primary focus is to inspire and educate people about growing food in small urban spaces.

Over the last two year we have met some of the most amazing people. We have been invited to CIty Hall, hung out with some cool characters at the anime conference, run into tour bus drivers who decided we were a great addition to their tour, met the mayor, a past mayor, the CEO of VanCity, Santa even popped by! It is an awesome trip that we plan on riding out for a while yet. The Truck Farm is a little rickety so we are taking it season by season. Who knows we could be around for years to come! We sure hope so anyway.

And, like we said to all these folks, if we can grow it in the back of a ’93 Mazda pick up truck, what’s stopping you.